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Outside Food Permitted, Some Exclusions Apply

Food permitted in the Cocktail Game Room is restricted to items we do not sell at the concessions counter.

Birthday cake, cupcakes, and other baked desserts are allowed, as well as pizza, sandwiches and other non-snack food. Outside snack food such as chocolate bars, other candy, and chips are not allowed. Outside drinks are not permitted under any circumstances, including bottled water. Bottled water is sold at the concessions counter along with sodas and other beverages, and there is a free drinking fountain in the lobby.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Remember: A credit card and ID will need to be held at the front during your reservation.

Please do not instruct your party to arrive earlier than your booking time.

All quoted room rental prices do not include admission, which is charged separately at our daily rate, per person, no exceptions.

Additionally, a $50 deposit to cover potential clean up fees will be charged, and, at our discretion, may not be refunded. If you plan on paying for your booking with cash, please be advised that you are required to supply a valid credit card for the rental deposit.

If you are 15 minutes or more late clearing the room, your deposit will be withheld and you may be charged double for additional hour(s), or be ejected in order to preserve later reservations.