Here's how to reach us regarding game contributions:

Important: For non-game-contribution inqueries, please use our general contact page or refer to our:    FAQ

E-mail (Preferred)

[email protected]


(303) 993-5583

Please note, this line is unmonitored outside our hours of operation.

In Person

While we appreciate the effort, please do not bring games directly to Hyperspace without advance notice. Please contact us using one of the above methods, thank you!

Thank you for reaching out!

Yes, we want your classic games!

Do you know where there's a long abandoned collection sitting in a warehouse? Looking to get rid of your own collection? It doesn't matter if it's in your basement, storage locker, in a field, or just parts of a game—we're always on the look out for classic '70s, '80s, and '90s arcade and pinball machines and parts. Please contact us today if you would like to contribute to our arcade, we thrive on the kindness of our community!

Why contribute?

Games are meant to be played! Your contribution will bring smiles to the faces of countless guests in Hyperspace, well into the future. Not only that, we take pride in the condition of our games, and have spent hundreds of hours restoring many of the games in the arcade to better than new condition. We aim to provide not only a true throwback experience, but also an exciting one! We don't just have popular games, we also let our guests play rare and unique games, that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you have a Donkey Kong, Twilight Zone Pinball, or Mad Planets, we'll do everything we can to use your contribution to the benefit of the gaming community. In some cases, this involves restoring poorly converted games, in others, keeping our existing game collection up and running.

What happens next?

Our team will respond as quickly as possible, and arrange for pickup or drop off of your items, and discuss any monetary compensation, if needed. Don't worry, if needed, we can handle loading games for you! We want to make the experience as painless as possible.