Facts and Questions

We now accept cash, credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay for both admission and concessions!
A one-day entry pass is $12, which gets you all-you-can-play with no quarters needed. Monthly passes are also available for $45 and include free stickers (subject to availability), we will also be adding loyalty benefits for pass renewals down the road.
Sorry, we do not give tours. Thankfully, there are photos of every single arcade machine in the arcade over on our games page, and there are video walkthroughs on our homepage!
Yes, please make sure you get a hand stamp on your way into Hyperspace to be re-admitted. A hand stamp is required for both one-day passes and monthly passes upon re-entry.
Receipts are available for both cash and card transactions, by request, in digital format.
Yes, all guests with any capacity to play or enjoy watching games be played must pay full entry price. All young children under 48" tall must be attended at all times.
Yes, all guests with any capacity to play or enjoy watching games be played must pay admission, no exceptions.
There are photos of every single arcade machine in the arcade over on our games page! We do not give tours. There are video walkthroughs on our homepage.
If you are meeting someone who is already inside the arcade, they are welcome to meet you outside and then they may re-enter the arcade for free.
No, we do not offer any group discounts. We keep the price of our day pass low enough that group discounts are not necessary, so we do not unfairly overcharge individuals and smaller groups.
When you visit Hyperspace, you will be asked if you would like a one-day pass or a monthly pass. If you are not offered a monthly pass, or you decide you want a monthly pass during your visit, you may upgrade to a monthly pass for $35. Additional pass types may be added at a later date, so please let us know if there is a type of membership you would be more interested in seeing made available.
Bring your hyperpass and ID whenever you come into Hyperspace. If you have received a gift pass, ID is not required the first visit. We will revoke passes that we see being shared.
You must register all passes after your initial visit on our website, at http://www.hyperspace80s.com/join, in order for it to be valid for subsequent visits.
This is necessary to prevent sharing passes. This also allows us to offer you pass renewals online, as well as promotional offers for your friends and family.
You can renew your pass by visiting Hyperspace before it expires, or up to seven days after it has expired. After this window, your pass will need to be reactivated and any loyalty benefits will be lost. If you are unsure of the expiration date, we can tell you on your next visit, and you'll soon be able to check on the website. Unfortunately, we do not yet offer online auto-renewal.
Yes, please stop by Hyperspace and purchase a pass for a friend during our regular business hours. Be sure to mention that you are purchasing a gift pass.
Our hours are posted over on the hours page of our website. In the event that we have an unplanned closure, it will always be posted on our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so you don't need to call us to find out!
Directions to Hyperspace, the address, and a map are all up on our location page. We are about a block from the intersection of Wadsworth Blvd and Colfax Avenue.
No, we do not serve alcohol of any kind and do not permit it in the arcade. Hyperspace is a traditional all-ages arcade just like existed in the 1980s, not a "barcade" which are a recent phenomenon.
Yes, we have a parking lot, and there is street parking. Please carpool if possible, especially on event weekends when we are most likely to reach parking capacity.
Unfortunately not. We do not have the bandwidth needed to facilitate wi-fi access for our customers at this time. We know you want to share your experiences, but we want you to relive the eighties! Remember when you didn't have to stress about an unanswered e-mail?

You can catch the W-Line, the 20 bus, carpool with friends, or take an Uber or Lyft!

Lyft has generously granted us a promotion for $50 in free ride credits to visit Hyperspace.

We keep track of all games in the arcade by updating the full list of games whenever we add or remove a game. Significant changes are also announced on our social media channels. We post notifications of machines repairs on the games list as well. We are making every effort to minimize game down time by proactively purchasing spare parts for machines, please bear with us as we have many vintage games to keep running!

Don't see your favorite game? You can now submit a game request and we'll do our best to add it to the arcade.

You can now submit a game request and we'll do our best to add it to the arcade in the future, space permitting.

Please ask up front for details on how to submit high scores. Currently, you can only submit a score that is in the top 3 scores on any given game. On some games we must be present during the high score attempt to verify the score is valid. Please contact us in advance if you intend to compete for a world record attempt, so our score referee may be present during the duration of any attempt for submission to world recordkeeping on Aurcade.
Unfortunately not, but we have a selection of snacks and beverages available in the venue, please help us keep our arcade alive by purchasing concessions. You are more than welcome to eat and return to the arcade.
We currently have Max Headroom cups! Stickers, posters, and more are on the way soon.
We felt it was time to discuss this openly, seeing as we're working as hard as we can to keep our customers satisfied, and when they're not, make sure they understand how much we'd love to accommodate them, if we could reasonably do so.

1) We refuse to become yet another arcade bar! Since we do not operate as an arcade bar, we have no source of income to offset the losses incurred maintaining 25-50 year old machines. Most of our revenue goes to maintaining the arcade. Parts haven't been manufactured for decades for the vast majority of them!

2) You're getting a bargain, compared to when these games were new Keep in mind, 25¢ in 1982 money is 76¢ in 2016 money. We have hundreds of rare and expensive machines to maintain—you won't find a cinematronics vector game like Armor Attack running on quarters in public, anywhere, for example. Conversely, you won't find LCD monitors, sticky buttons, or eight copies of one game that happens to bring in the most quarters just because it demands them, in Hyperspace. Rest assured, you can easily play $12 worth of "50¢" pinball, "50¢" laserdisc games, or "25¢" harder arcade games, like Sinistar in less than an hour! And if you don't, remember that you're deciding whether to help us stay in business by talking with your feet.

3) If you try, you'll likely pay more for similar experiences Similar modeled businesses in other states, many with much smaller selection, charge $15-20 (Yes, really, we did our homework!) We can only keep our entry prices low, and our game selection maintained, so long as we can keep the games on, the rent paid, and the doors open.

4) Hourly means you pay more, or get less, here's why: In an ideal world, hourly passes would be great. In the real world, they come with equipment and/or staffing cost increases that counteract the price savings we wish we could give to short-on-time visitors. We either would have to install expensive card readers with sophisticated tracking and corresponding time delays (A much smaller venue run by Namco charges $15/hr!)—which would add an additional $50 or more to each game in the arcade—or pay extra employees to "sweep" the floor for people that linger longer than paid for (which would mean we couldn't afford to be open on weekdays, when we're lucky to break even)

5) We wish it was just you, but exceptions are not fair Bending the rules for one person would be unfair to those that we decline the same request. Granting all those requests would leave us in the awkward position of asking unyeilding ones to leave.

6) Thank you for understanding!! We love our community, and we appreciate that Colorado's residents and visitors have loved Hyperspace enough for us to operate here. We couldn't do it without you. 
Yes, we do! We also buy games, when budgeting permits. For more information, please refer to our games contribution page.
Yes, we do! We also accept game donations and provide free game removal services. For more information, please refer to our games contribution page.
While we'd love to provide this service, we do not have time to offer repair services for games not in, nor destined for the arcade.
Sorry, we are not generally in the business of selling, renting, or leasing arcade games. We have hundreds of games to play in the arcade! Have you considered a Hyperpass?
Please visit our events calendar to see a full list of upcoming events.

Absolutely! If you would like to host a gaming event or tournament in our new gaming lounge area, please e-mail us.

Groups of all sizes are welcome to visit Hyperspace during our business hours without advance notice!

To ensure the enjoyment of all guests, we are not able to provide special accomodations.

Please be aware: outside food & drinks, wrapped gifts, etc. are never permitted.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any group discounts at this time. We have tried to keep the price of our day pass low enough that group discounts are not necessary, and therefore do not unfairly overcharge individuals and smaller groups. We hope you can understand this helps us keep the price low for all guests, unlike similar freeplay arcades which charge $15-20+.