Baby Pac-Man

Released in 1982 by Bally Midway


One of the very first games to combine video action with pinball, "Baby Pac-Man" was truly unique. Unfortunately, because Bally Midway created this game without Namco's consent, it became a deal-breaker between the two corporations.

Genres:  Maze Pinball
We currently have this game available to play in Hyperspace! Machine Types: Upright (1)

  1. 779,780
  2. 700,600
  3. 581,350
  4. 405,350
  5. 319,120
  6. 304,260
  7. 237,880
  8. 207,450
  9. 135,290

We are currently accepting score submissions of 581,350 or more points for Baby Pac-Man. Please ask up front for help submitting high scores!