Space Shuttle: Pinball Adventure

Released in 1984 by Williams


Barry Oursler and Joe Kamikow created this immensely popular pinball game at a time when NASA's Space Transportation System--also known as the Shuttle Program--was equally as popular and fueled the imagination of people around the nation and worldwide.

Genres:  Pinball
We currently have this game available to play in Hyperspace! Machine Types: Upright (1)

  1. 5,424,700
  2. 4,063,720
  3. 2,275,320
  4. 1,960,110
  5. 1,615,750
  6. 1,402,340
  7. 1,328,900

We are currently accepting score submissions of 2,275,320 or more points for Space Shuttle: Pinball Adventure. Please ask up front for help submitting high scores!