Centaur II

Released in 1983 by Bally


This pinball game was based on 1956's "Balls-A-Poppin"; it was the first pinball machine that used flippers and multiball. Jim Patla designed both the first and second games and features a horror theme along with classic artwork.

Genres:  Pinball Multi-Ball
Sorry, we do not currently have this game available to play in Hyperspace.

  1. 10,616,880
  2. 10,116,080
  3. 6,828,660
  4. 6,090,480
  5. 4,823,580
  6. 3,628,480
  7. 2,146,010
  8. 1,932,460

We are currently accepting score submissions of 6,828,660 or more points for Centaur II. Please ask up front for help submitting high scores!