Marble Madness

Released in 1984 by Atari

Raster Games

Not to be confused with Sonny Rollins' Tenor Madness, "Marble Madness" lets you control your marble through a timed maze of renegade marbles, obstacles, shortcuts, and those weird worm things that eat marbles.

Genres:  Maze Atari System 1
We currently have this game available to play in Hyperspace! Machine Types: Upright (1)
Marble Madness

  1. 89,000
  2. 60,150
  3. 41,530
  4. 24,450
  5. 24,340
  6. 14,460

We are currently accepting score submissions of 41,530 or more points for Marble Madness. Please ask up front for help submitting high scores!