The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot

Released in 1991 by Williams


Make her speak, make her see, make her sing, make her feel like a real woman, transform her into a real woman. "The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot" was the end of an era and a smash hit. Here comes the Bride!!

Genres:  Pinball Multi-Ball
We currently have this game available to play in Hyperspace! Machine Types: Upright (1)
The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot

  1. 2,074,458,250
  2. 2,047,509,640
  3. 1,043,284,630
  4. 1,024,074,600
  5. 1,015,665,310
  6. 76,707,870
  7. 72,836,560
  8. 49,651,000
  9. 35,942,250
  10. 18,062,660

We are currently accepting score submissions of 76,707,870 or more points for The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot. Please ask up front for help submitting high scores!