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Current Hyperspace High Scores
Strange Science (Released in 1986)

Strange Science


Surpassed 9 previous high scores

Star Trek (Released in 1991)

New! Star Trek


Surpassed 15 previous high scores

Personal Best Scores
The Shadow (Released in 1994)

The Shadow

Personal Best: 406,224,260
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Released in 1991)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Personal Best: 61,172,080
The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot (Released in 1991)

The Machine: Bride of PinĀ·bot

Personal Best: 6,654,110
Mars God of War (Released in 1981)

Mars God of War

Personal Best: 207,010
Black Knight 2000 (Released in 1989)

Black Knight 2000

Personal Best: 8,182,460
Elvira and the Party Monsters (Released in 1989)

Elvira and the Party Monsters

Personal Best: 18,954,130
Class Of 1812 (Released in 1991)

Class Of 1812

Personal Best: 33,169,990
Shinobi (Released in )


Personal Best: 261,160