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Becoming a world record holder starts out by training at Hyperspace arcade!!

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Current Hyperspace High Scores
Gravitar (Released in 1982)



Personal Best Scores
Space Duel (Released in 1982)

Space Duel

Personal Best: 24,810
Road Runner (Released in 1985)

Road Runner

Personal Best: 127,680
Turbo Out Run (Released in 1989)

Turbo Out Run

Personal Best: 3,699,760
Gauntlet II (Released in 1986)

Gauntlet II

Personal Best: 12,856
Phoenix (Released in 1980)


Personal Best: 5,558
Astro Blaster (Released in 1981)

Astro Blaster

Personal Best: 14,760
Crystal Castles (Released in 1983)

Crystal Castles

Personal Best: 100,096