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Current Hyperspace High Scores
Qix II: Tournament (Released in 1981)

Qix II: Tournament


Surpassed 6 previous high scores

Ms. Pac-Man (Released in 1980)

Ms. Pac-Man


Surpassed 3 previous high scores

Q*Bert (Released in 1982)



Surpassed 1 previous high score

Personal Best Scores
Jr. Pac-Man (Released in 1983)

Jr. Pac-Man

Personal Best: 39,690
Frogger (Released in 1981)


Personal Best: 17,010
Dragon's Lair (Released in 1983)

Dragon's Lair

Personal Best: 9,196
Donkey Kong (Released in )

Donkey Kong

Personal Best: 87,900
World Cup Soccer (Released in 1994)

World Cup Soccer

Personal Best: 622,101,660
F-14 Tomcat (Released in 1988)

F-14 Tomcat

Personal Best: 1,213,420
Super Pac-Man (Released in 1982)

Super Pac-Man

Personal Best: 99,240
Galaga (Released in 1981)


Personal Best: 337,020
Elvira and the Party Monsters (Released in 1989)

Elvira and the Party Monsters

Personal Best: 8,892,030
Pac-Man Plus (Released in 1982)

Pac-Man Plus

Personal Best: 41,400
Missile Command (Released in 1980)

Missile Command

Personal Best: 13,055