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This user currently holds 2 high scores, and has submitted a total of 14 scores.

Current Hyperspace High Scores
Darius (Released in 1987)



Surpassed 3 previous high scores

Rip Off (Released in 1980)

Rip Off


Surpassed 4 previous high scores

Personal Best Scores
Mighty! Pang (Released in 1984)

New! Mighty! Pang

Personal Best: 404,201
The New Zealand Story (Released in 1988)

The New Zealand Story

Personal Best: 10,060
Strange Science (Released in 1986)

Strange Science

Personal Best: 293,040
Bosconian (Released in 1981)


Personal Best: 156,050
Jungle Hunt (Released in 1982)

Jungle Hunt

Personal Best: 6,700
Peter Pack Rat (Released in 1985)

Peter Pack Rat

Personal Best: 3,161
Battlezone (Released in 1980)


Personal Best: 43,000
Badlands (Released in 1989)


Personal Best: 10,060
Cloak & Dagger (Released in 1983)

Cloak & Dagger

Personal Best: 123,655
Marble Madness (Released in 1984)

Marble Madness

Personal Best: 24,450
Firepower (Released in 1980)


Personal Best: 353,300